Medical Grade Peels

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Medical grade skin peels can work in a number of ways but generally used to assist the shedding of dry, damaged skin cells and to promote healthy, smooth, radiant and even skin tone. We only use Peels that penetrate the epidermis and work progressively, not aggressively. All medical grade dermal peels can be adapted to suit various skin types and conditions.

We only use peels that are chirally correct, in simple terms this means that every molecule has a left and right side and skin cells can only utilize one side of the molecule because the receptors on our skin cells are all chiral (like gloves made only to fit the correct hand). Chirally correct ingredients fit properly onto the skin receptors, resulting in highly effective products with minimal side effects. If you use products which contain the chirally incorrect molecule it can neutralize the effect of the chirally correct molecule, or it may even cause irritation or undesirable side effects.

Medical Grade Skin Peels can be used to help:
  • Stimulate micro-circulation
  • Soften lines and wrinkle
  • Even out skin tone and aids with pigmentation
  • Help prevent new pimples from forming
  • Increases cellular renewal
  • Offer a deeper exfoliation
  • Softens and helps remove black heads

Medical grade skin peels dissolve ionic bonds to loosen dead skin cells, which facilities hydration and penetration of active ingredients. It also helps to stimulate collagen in the dermis. Peels work best on skin that has been prepared adequately over a period of at least 2 weeks – by preparing the skin, the peel solution will be able to penetrate more evenly and effectively while minimizing side effects.