Liposculpture is a minimally-invasive liposuction alternative which permanently removes unwanted fat with suction to sculpt, shape, smooth, and tighten the body. This technique is less traumatic on the body than traditional liposuction because smaller, more refined instruments are used which allow for decreased or no bleeding and bruising, as well as quicker recovery times. In fact, many patients return to work and their normal routine the very next day.

Furthermore, patients experience little to no pain and, because only very small skin punctures are used, there are no stitches and no visible scarring.

We offer  multiple safe and effective ways to achieve a more sculpted body, reduce fat and tighten the skin. These body sculpting procedures are commonly used to reshape problem body areas like the abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, “love handles”, male breasts, knees, arms, face, jaw line, double chin, neck, and more.