Promoitalia Absorbable Revitalizing Facial Threads

During our thirties and forties connective tissue begins to thin and collagen and elastin fibres break down. Along with the sagging of the tissues, folds and deep wrinkles start appearing reflecting subtle to significant changes in the skin support structures. And, it is not just women who experience these changes; men also start to see connective tissues thinning and collagen and elastin fibres breaking down.

A thread lift is an innovative non-surgical procedure for the rejuvenation of the face and neck. The Promoitalia revitalizing threads have a unique design and utilise specially developed soft cogs that attach to the surrounding skin tissue (just like Velcro) to hold the skin in place and achieve the desired revitalizing effect. The new generation threads are also available as absorbable threads with the advantage of dissolving within 9 to 12 months yet leaving the desired result in place for several years to come. A thread lift can give an air of freshness reducing that tired look that so often accompanies the ageing process. Areas that are best suited for threads include the brow, cheekbone area, jowls and neck.