Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive process that is that is based on the principles of exfoliating removing dead skin particles leaving skin smoother, brighter and smoother. Microdermabrasion targets a number of skin conditions and cleanses / detoxifies the skin. This treatment increases micro-circulation bringing nutrients to the skins surface whilst improving the appearance and imperfections.

Glow & Go (45minutes)

This amazing treatment will leave your skin glowing, great for an instant pick me up… Results are seen immediately after this deep exfoliation treatment! A Diamond Tipped microdermabrasion treatment is performed followed by our skin polishing peel- Skinstitut Niacinamide and AHA Peel.

Rejuvenate Me Micro (45minutes)

A truly luxurious treatment for dry, dehydrated skin that needs instant moisture boost… Results are seen and felt immediately following treatment. A total Diamond Tipped microdermabrasion treatment followed by a soothing, hydrating and exfoliating Skinstitut Enzymatic Skin Peel treatment.

Micro Express Treatment (30minutes) Face Face & Décolletage

A superficial exfoliation treatment designed to increase the stimulation of blood flow which will truly leave your face glowing!

Microdermabrasion is a great boost for the skin, to achieve a more refined result we recommend a course of six treatments with a 2 – 3 week break between treatments. Purchase a course a five microdermabrasion treatments and receive the sixth FREE.