Medical Facials

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Skin Bar Treatment – 30 min
Are you looking to take your skin to the next level?

Tired of all the cosmetic ranges? They are just not making a difference anymore?

Skin bar treatment:

  • Allows a therapist to assess your skin and discuss with you any related concerns
  • Invites you to the opportunity of trying the complete range recommended to your individual needs
  • It’s a Simple introduction to Medical Grade skin care

  • Try it, feel it, like it, buy it

* Redeemable on purchase of products or treatments.

Preface Facial – 45 min
This facial is ideal for everybody!

A cutting introduction into “the Skinstitut face treatments” and Skinstitut range. Truly a relaxing and skin active facial. Gives you the opportunity to experience the whole collection of Skinstitut on your skin. You will now be at the starting position to take off and advance to the next level or to simply complement your homecare and maximizing your epidermal skin health.

Medi Express Cinderella Treatment – 20 min

An express maintenance treatment that provides increased cellular turnover and intense hydration for an instantly radiant and firmer, more luminous looking skin.

Vitamin C Radiance Booster Treatment -45Min

An intensively illuminating treatment that provides a powerful dose of antioxidants and hydration. Skin is visibly firmer with a smoother texture and tone.

Hydration Blast – 45Min

Gentle Cleanser, Glycolic Cleanser followed by Glycolic Scrub for 5-10 minutes. Steam to extract and restore pores followed by a massage of Laser aid and Repair balm. Followed by Skinstitut Hydrating Mask

Dermal Roller Facial – 30 min

(Includes take home roller)

Skinstitut Signature Facial Treatment including a .15 Skin Inject Treatment, you take the device home! Greatly enhances product absorption, stimulates collagen production and reduces fine lines.

Body Blitz Mask – 45Min

Full body wash with Lactic Body wash followed by an application of Peel Accelerator, then masking with Glycolic Scrub – fully wrapped for 20minutes to leave the skin smooth and invigorated. (Excellent when accompanied with spray tanning)

Enzymatic Mask Treatment – 30Mins

Ultra gentle skin exfoliation, for a smoother, brighter complexion. This Hydrating treatment softens and exfoliates the skin whilst maintaining a soothing and nurturing feel on even the most sensitive of skins. Ideal for Rosacea and Acneaic skin types, to Refresh and Revitalize.